Saturday, April 8, 2017

FBDK 2.6 Version 20170408

If you have used the FBDK recently, you may have noticed an unannounced auto-upgrade to Release 2.6 version 20170314. Further testing revealed a few glitches, which have now been fixed. Changes from the 2.5 release include:

  1. Look and Feel (LAF) has been set to the Java "Metal" default, to ensure uniform window appearance and sizing across platforms.
  2. An experimental, more efficient encoding of device management commands and responses is available by specifying the fbmgt2 protocol in the MGR_ID parameter of the remote device. See the mgt2 and mach folders of the FBNavigator for details and examples.
  3. The System and Device launchers have been re-implemented to support multiple management protocols. In particular, the System launcher now starts each device as soon as it is created and initialized, instead of waiting to launch the devices in reverse order. This mainly affects the delays required to start simulation and diagnostic clocks in the system configurations of the mach folder. 
Documentation in the FBNavigator is being updated to reflect these changes; updating should be complete in a week or so.