Friday, April 8, 2016

FBNavigator Update (2)

As a second phase of migrating  the FBNavigator away from dependencies on the Java applet architecture, the documentation pages themselves will be converted to the use of static images rather than interactive View and Test applets. For examples of this style, see the E_CTUD, E_CYCLE and FB_LABEL pages.
In order to continue to provide the full experience of online documentation combined with viewing, testing (and even editing) IEC 61499 library elements, the online documentation described above is now accessible directly from the FBDK Editor under a new doc tab. Additionally, the Editor's Save as HTML function now produces a skeleton documentation page in the new format, and the Save As PNG function saves any desired View of the library element and its components with a unique hierearchical file name to facilitate its reuse in the new static web page format.
Documentation of these and other new features is not yet complete; links to the new documentation pages will be provided in this blog as they are completed.