Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RPi GPIO Test #1: Service Interfaces

Here's a shot of a test of the first two General Purpose I/O Service Interface Function Blocks (GPIO SIFBs) for the Raspberry Pi 2:
  • Pin 3 of the Raspberry Pi 2 GPIO header is configured as an output using an instance of the GP_OUT2 type.
  • Pin 5 is configured as an input using an instance of the GP_IN2 type.
  • The output on pin 3 is looped back to the input on pin 5 for testing.
  • The value at the X input (0=LOW, 1=HIGH) of the GP_OUT instance is written to pin 3 when the REQ input is triggered.
  • The value at pin 3 is conducted electrically to pin 5.
  • The value at pin 5 can be read at the X output of the GP_IN2 instance by triggering its REQ input.
  • For more information, see the following documentation: GP_IN, GP_OUT, PIN_PULL.

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